Архив за месяц: Июль 2021


Providing with the help of SMM presence in social networks, expanding the reach of the target audience. Groups and pages on Instagram, VKontakte and Facebook. Organizational audiences conducting regular contests and quizzes are actively involved in the growth in the number of live subscribers, providing access to your communities and sites.


We’ll help with setting up ads to display your site in key search engines (Google) and display contextual ads on third-party sites. We’ll increase the number of visits the target audience visits your site in order to increase the orders of your business. We’ll enable Google Analytics to enable detailed analysis of site visits.


We offer services for creating business card sites, corporate sites for business, online stores and a combination of site types. A one-page landing on which all the information is located, or a multi-level site with a mass of categories, pages, functionality, a storefront, etc. Compact, high quality, budget, individually.